Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Method® of music education is based on the “Mother Tongue” approach. Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, founder of this approach, observed the fact that all children learn to speak their language by listening, observing, and imitating.  Since music is like a language and children have the ability to learn their native tongue, they also have the ability to learn music if given the proper training and environmental conditions.

Just as children learn their native language through listening instead of reading, Suzuki music training also follows this natural sequence of learning. Once children have basic mastery of speech, reading is introduced to further develop their communication skills. Likewise, when children have basic mastery of their instrument, they are taught to read music enabling them to further their skills. Following this natural sequence of listening, observing, and imitating, while delaying reading, helps students to focus on technique.

Concentration on technique prevents the development of incorrect habits resulting in students learning the proper and most relaxed use of their bodies leading to beautiful tone. As a trained Suzuki teacher follows this approach of learning, the Suzuki Method® is found to be highly effective for both young and old alike.

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